Relief from sudden cravings, for those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day.

When you have an urge to smoke, try NiQuitin Minis Lozenges. The small, mint-flavoured lozenges come in a handy, pack shaped like a lighter, offering rapid relief from nicotine cravings. We know that lighting-up can be a hard habit to break.

  • Starts to relieve cravings in just 3 minutes.
  • Handy pocket-sized container you can always keep with you.
  • Dissolves in the mouth in 10 minutes.
  • Use to stop smoking or to cut down how many cigarettes you smoke.


  • Put one lozenge in your mouth and periodically move the lozenge from one side to the other.
  • Use 8-12 lozenges each day, up to a maximum of 15.
  • Continue use for up to 6 weeks while reducing the number of lozenge per day. Once daily use is 1-2 lozenges a day, try to stop using them altogether.
  • If you are having difficulty discontinuing using lozenges or you are unable to reduce your cigarette consumption after 6 weeks, consult a healthcare professional.

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NiQuitin Minis - Mint 4mg Lozenges - 60 Lozenges

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